I decided the corset would not have a busk at center front. Instead, it only opens in the back, and the leather “covering” is permanently stitched together at center front.

Detail: center back.

Since this corset would never be seen beneath the leather, I did not color match the thread on the inside.

I created boning channels by pressing under the seam allowance and top-stitching it down on top of the seam allowance of the piece next to it.

finished “under” corset

Based off the corset int he film, I patterned the pieces for each half of the front and carried the style lines onto the back in a continuous manner.

Detail: front of the “outer” leather corset, permanently stitched together at center front and on each side. (prior to any distressing and applying the gloss finish)

Detail: back of the “outer” corset; in order to hold it in place, I punched holes that aligned with the grommet holes of the under corset and laced them together.

Detail: side of corset, after distressing and gloss finish. The wand sheath was patterned to accommodate and accentuate the unique curve of Bellatrix’s wand.

Detail: front view of wand sheath showing patterned-in curve.

The dress is made a of a cotton knit layer and a synthetic chiffon layer on top. For the bodice, I rotated the bust dart so that I could mimic the gathering seen in the dress in the film.

The under layer of the bodice had a single, large bust dart that opened toward the waist.

Detail: inside of under layer, showing the dart. I stitched it down when I attached the skirt to the bodice.

Detail: Each sleeve top had 10 grommets corresponding to 10 grommets on the bodice.

Detail: sleeve lacing and hood edge.

Detail: corset (front); Also, since the hood is clearly something this character added TO her dress, I decided to simply topstitch it onto the finished bodice. This accentuates the concept of a dress that has been modified to be practical and also allowed for natural fraying around the neckline.

The nails were cut to shape and then painted.

Detail: I used acrylic paint on the nails. I base coated in a light brown, dry-brushed on progressively lighter (and smaller) areas of white, the added lowlights of dark brown along the bases.

Wig style inspiriation

Wig style inspiration

Wig style inspiration

This wig was originally quite flat on top with most of the volume concentrated at the back of the head and around the shoulders.

Wig style

Bellatrix Lestrange

This costume is based off the dress worn by Bellatrix Lestrange in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.)

It consists of the following:

  • a (partially) steel boned corset
  • a pieced, distressed leather corset and wand sheath
  • a chiffon/cotton dress with custom-drawn swirl detailing and hood
  • a styled wig

The sleeves of the dress together feature over 100 grommets. The dress is french seamed and each swirl was drawn by hand. I drafted the dress pattern and "lifted” the corset pattern from an existing corset. I patterned the pieced leather corset.

October 2016