The jellyfish bases were large, clear umbrellas, which I covered in batting. I also created a circle out of boning which fastened at each spoke of the umbrella. This circle of boning is what anchors the spandex covering, and it is also what the small pink tendrils attached to. On the inside of the umbrella I made a smaller circle, also out of boning (visible in this picture) to attach the inner rings of large tendrils.

This is the pattern for the large tendrils.

The umbrellas were rigged onto poles which gave them a finished height of nearly 10 feet tall. To give the top some texture, I cut circles of oak tag and placed them at random along the edges and shadowed around them with purple paint.

This is the base of the stingray. It was cut of luan, and the large triangles that seem to be missing were cut out to eliminate weight.

The bodies of the stingray puppets were constructed of foam board. Each lettered line had a urged piece of foam board that was attached perpendicular to the base.

The recesses between then ridges were shaded after I stretched the spandex over the foam board base. The luan bottom was adhered to the foam board body with Barge, and two short poles were screwed to the luan base to serve as holders for the puppeteers.

Under the Sea Puppets

Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”