Aquata’s crown was made of 2 layers of Woniderflex, molded over a head form.

view of crown from the back.

I covered the Wonderflex in pink organza, then it was given a similar paint treatment as the Kissy fish in “Under the Sea.”

At the ends of the spines, I inserted pins to help hold the decorative beads at the ends.

the completed crown, minus horsehair loops

Atina’s headpiece was intended to look like antlers. I constructed it exactly the same as the “Under the Sea” Coral Reef– plastic with foam tubing on top, wrapped in green fabric. (this picture is prior to wrapping)

This coral tiara is made the same as the others, except it was cut as one piece with the circular base. It was initially flat, then was heated, shaped, and covered.

These wooden dowel rods are the same idea as what I used for Aquata’s purple crown. I simply wrapped them in gold fabric.

The two fins were cut from plexiglass and covered in yellow organza. Pebbles were then sprinkled on top, and a light airbrushing of orange was applied. The two fins attached to each other via the straight tab (seen on the left base of this fin) and this tab was tied into the wig.

Molly Rosenthal as a mersister in her initial fitting

Back row (left to right): Lani Corson, Molly Rosenthal, Audra Cramer; Front Row (left to right): Sydney Ippolito, Samantha Harrington, Kacie Burns

Mermaid Headpieces

I built all of the wig accents for the mersisters for this production, with the exception of the pink mersister. The red coral tiara, the green coral tiara, the purple crown, the green starfish, and the yellow fins are my work. All of these pieces pin into the wigs via horsehair, and some are further secured by the wig style (by Rob Pickens).

Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”