Blue Leather Mask

The concept for this make was to create something cruel, yet elegant. The lines and shape of the bottom are intended to suggest armor, but the lines become more organic toward the top in the horn-like peaks. It is partially inspired by Grecian armor.

The mask is made of leather Barge-cemented to blue velvet. Britt leather dye was used to color it. First a layer of light black was applied, followed by a darker stripe of blue. The blue is surrounded by yellow, which was also lightly applied atop the blue to give it an aged, mottled appearance. Gold leafing was applied and rubbed off in 3 applications to achieve the worn appearance, then washed with blue dye to tone it down. The corners of the eyes were decorated with pattern using a leather stamp. The halves were sewn together with wax thread and the mask was formed on a block after being soaked in water. The edges are treated with Edgecoat, and the mask is sealed with a gloss protectant.

Mask Making: Marianne Custer