Fire Leather Mask

This was was patterned to give the impression of a flaming mask. The tendrils along the perimeter and those above the nose are symmetrical in cut, but molded individually of their mirrored counterparts to enhance this concept. The arching curve below the eyes that transitions to tendrils is intended to be the “base” of the flame, the source of which is the wearer’s mouth/words.

The leather was backed with red velvet using Barge Cement then cut out. Each half was dyed with Britt leather dye. The base orange layer was applied with wool, and the detail around the edges and eyes was done with a paintbrush. The edges were all treated with black Edgecoat, and the halves were sewn together with wax thread using a blanket stitch. The mask was molded on a block after soaking it completely with water, and once dry was sealed with a semi-gloss leather protectant.

SETC Craft Design Competition