Manilla envelope base with wired edges.

Scales and wired crest; brown gum tape

completed paperwork

Black Spray base

Additional red base on “scales” (prior to acrylic)

Paper Dragon Mask

The concept for this mask was a dragon rearing back in midair. In profile, the beak of the mask becomes the curving tail of the dragon, and the crest above the beak becomes the dragon’s feet. The curved sides above the ears become wings, and the crested top is the dragon’s head. The paperwork is intended to mimc scales, and the paint scheme is intended to create the impression of metal armor.

The base of the mask is a manilla envelope, which was cut to shape and wired around the edges. The wire was secured using brown gum tape, then the entire base was covered in small squares of gum tape, followed by the application of the “scales.” It was base painted with black gloss spray paint, followed by a gloss red layer, and finished with layered acrylics. Several washes were applied between successive highlight layers. The gold leafing on the front was washed with black and gray acrylic paint, while the gold leaf lining was left unpainted.

Mask Making: Marianne Custer